Database Normalization Exercises

Book Recommendation for learning Database Design?

I am looking for a book full of exercises covering the design and normalisation of EAR diagrams. The kind I’m looking for would have lots of example requirements for the database with the EAR diagram solutions at the back of the book.

fundamental of database designs – ramez elmasri & shamkant b. navathe

Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours (5th Edition) free Ebook download

 SQL Power!

SQL Power!


If you?re an aspiring database administrator, you need to learn SQL quickly to advance in your career. SQL Power! The Comprehensive Guide provides just the data you need to go from novice to master by immersing you in real-life database design, implementation, and administration situations. The book is equally useful for those already experienced with databases and SQL who want to increase their knowledge without having to sift through a tome. Beginning with an overview of SQL and the concept of relational databases, the book goes on to cover all the major topics, including tables, primary keys, relationships, foreign keys, MySQL, and database software, as well as the data definition, data manipulation, and data control languages. Later chapters cover higher-level topics such as advanced queries, virtual tables, normalization, and embedded SQL. The book’s examples build upon one another, with end-ofchapter exercises that test your knowledge as you go. All of the source code used in the book is available for download at

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